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Tactical fitness is more than just getting in shape; it’s about preparing yourself for real life situations. Tactical fitness is growing more popular within the military, special ops, first responders, law enforcement, and service men. Creating these types of programs will not only help better our service men, but help prepare them for active situations.Tactical Fitness also applies to everyone who wants to be in better condition to survive. Whether it is surviving natural disasters or rescuing your family from a burning home before firefighters and paramedics arrive, Tactical Fitness is the difference between life and death in these circumstances.

Tactical fitness is the ability to perform personal survival-related skills such as running, rucking, swimming, buddy rescue, climbing, jumping, and equipment carry, which require full-body strength, muscle coordination, stamina, speed, agility, and cardiovascular conditioning.

At Centric Athletics, all of our Tactical Fitness Instructors are former Tier Level military special operations personnel, and/or Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team members. Let our Tactical Fitness coaches program your next workout and train alongside those who have been a part of and trained some of our country’s most elite forces. Let us share our experiences with you so you don’t have to share our scars.

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